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You have a problem in your business funnel that you can't figure out yet.

You wouldn't be here if you didn't. The answer is right under your nose but you can't sniff it out. I bet you are losing sleep over it and your employees don't really give a s%#t. I bet it's time for a FunnelFixingTM Funnel Assessment. You need someone with fresh eyes who eats a few funnels for breakfast, dishes out funnels all day long, and tops it off with funnels for dessert. You need someone who is OBSESSED with funnel hacking the top guys in each niche and doing FunnelFixingTM to leave those top dogs begging for scraps. You need someone who can take your books apart to keep your nest egg safe from Uncle Sam AND customers who love to keep your lawyer(s) busy, make sure you comply with privacy or credit card handling standards, and make sure your competitors can't hack and steal your intellectual property. Here are the questions and ways we can help you:

What’s in a FunnelFixingTM Funnel Assessment?

A Funnel Assessment includes a written FunnelFixingTM Funnel Assessment Report with your top 3 tasks to do immediately, top 3 tasks to do in the short term, and top 3 tasks to do long term. The assessment includes 6 weeks of two calls per week. At first the calls will be for information and clarification gathering, then the remaining calls are for reviewing implementation progress and interpreting ad and split test results.

FunnelFixingTM Funnel Structure And Marketing Strategy Assessments

I've seen seven figure businesses stagnate for a decade JUST BECAUSE they kept dumping their money into content marketing or audience generation or flogging the same contact list BUT DIDN'T DO PROMOS OR PPC CAMPAIGNS WITH CLEAR DIRECTIONS. Maybe that's the problem that your company has, or maybe you're having trouble figuring out what to split test or tweak. Unlike the agencies who do consulting just because they figured out there's money in it, WE MAKE A BOATLOAD OF CASH IN OUR FUNNELS and want to show you how to do the same IN YOURS! We'll analyze your entire customer journey from cold to warm to buyer to fan to raving fan to inner circle, and figure out which steps are missing and which steps are weak. We'll show you tracking techniques that you didn't know were possible that give you the data you need to grow your business. Click Here To Change YOUR Business. Apply For An Assessment.

FunnelFixingTM PCI and GDPR Compliance or Cybercriminal Tampering and Espionage Vulnerability and Protection AssessmentsNEW!

You can't get blood from a stone, but the better you do the more you are at risk. As soon as you start an online business and accept credit card payments, you need to comply with PCI standards or face fines up to $5000 per stored credit card. When you do Facebook or Google ads you need to comply with Europe's GDPR requirements or you will be shut down. offers this sort of basic assessment at a very affordable rate. If your intellectual property has to be protected from foreign governments and large corporations, or you're handling enough business to be concerned about hacking, I have the guy for you. People who watch too much TV think that some savant teenager could hack a big bank or the NSA or the FBI, and that's simply not true. Bleeding edge security requires someone who even I couldn't afford to train. My guy is so bleeding edge that, no, it's not me, no he's not military, but no, I literally can't tell you anything about him, even AFTER you've hired him for you Assessment and your Assessment is complete. And that's not because he's antisocial. It's because he's IBM, Cisco, Avast, Kaspersky, or Google security level. SalesForce, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, Shopify, and other big players hire guys like him to train staff on how to protect their systems, and they don't have anyone on staff that is the same level. I WISH I could tell you my guys' qualifications because it would seal your decision immediately. I don't even know what info he reveals and to whom, so I have to leave that to him. The only other thing I can say is that he dictates access to multiple rooms of supercomputers and his job includes watching the precise processes that antivirus and firewall programs use to detect malware or intrusions, as well as testing those antivirus and firewall programs for vulnerabilities. As a result, after your needs are clarified in the initial consultation, the hourly rate for this is separate and starts at $250 and goes up to $600 per hour depending on the preparation, and it has a longer waiting list than the rest of the Assessment Services listed on this page. These Assessments qualify you for a discount on the FunnelFixingTM Funnel Assessment, or FunnelFixingTM Taxes, Finances, Accounting, Incorporation, And Retirement Strategy Assessments. Click Here To Change YOUR Business. Apply For An Assessment.

FunnelFixingTM Taxes, Finances, Accounting, Incorporation, And Retirement Strategy AssessmentsNEW!

There's a HUGE chance that you're paying Uncle Sam too much. There's an even better chance that your accountant or financial officer doesn't have enough experience with online businesses to know THE BEST WAY to structure your business and reports to the IRS. Even if you have your finances in line so that your tax burden and retirement savings are growing, ARE YOUR BOOKS CLEAN ENOUGH TO ATTRACT AND CLOSE LARGE INVESTORS? I've partnered with my guy to offer you assessments, because aside from working with me he works with tax lawyers (plural) to personally handle an 11 year old, 20+ employee, consistently mid-to-high 7-figure online business as well as a handful of brick-and-mortar businesses... oh yeah... AND A BANK! He KNOWS what sets off red flags for investment loans or equity stakes, and why traditional banks leave you at the curb when you ask for a corporate loan. This Assessment can be as part of the FunnelFixingTM Funnel Assessment at a discount, or separately on its own.

What’s your refund policy?

You have until five days before your first session to cancel for a full refund. Starting five days before your first session, you are still eligible for a partial refund when you cancel equal to the unused time in the assessment according to our assessment SOP form. All refunds require up to 10 business days for processing.

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