What's a Funnel?

A funnel is sequence of online steps that guide people on a journey.


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Bad funnels focus on what YOU want them to do and ignore what THEY want, but good funnels show what THEY want and a clear direction to get there.

Every funnel asks them to part with their cash, and whether they're cheap or they love to spend or anywhere in between, a good funnel has to overcome that barrier.

Bad funnels send people straight to an order form. DISASTEROUS funnels have bad copy, confusing design, or leaky tracking.

BUT people spend loads of cash on bad funnels because they make some sales...

On Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, a business can spend a billion dollars and get only $150 Million in revenue and that's fine, but where we live here in Realityville we can't and don't have to operate at a loss.

We don't get to stay alive without finding out why we only have 5 sales instead of 50 or 500 or 5000 sales. If you don't know if lost sales are because you have bad copy, confusing design, boring product offering, or leaky tracking, you're just winging it. But, you're winging it because you can't find people who have taken 6-figure businesses to 7 and 8 figure businesses, and you are all alone figuring it out for yourself. You are so used to your bad copy, confusing design, boring product offering, or your hokey branding that you don't know where to start. Your leaky tracking and complacent team who don't care about ho-hum sales actually let the secrets to growing your business slip through your fingers.

If you want to scale you'll eventually have to deal with 'cold traffic'; Creating engagement and sales from people who didn't even know they wanted your products or services. You need to go from being a stranger to someone they've heard of, and then to someone they trust enough to spend their time and money on what you offer.

Here are the funnel fixes that turn strangers into customers and fans:

First, you need to instill TRUST by helping people.

Within moments of looking at your ads, pages, or emails they should know that You help             achieve or do            , so they can             without the pain of            . For example, FunnelFixing.com helps entrepreneurs achieve creating better funnels, so they can make more money online without working 40 hours per week.

Showing you're there to help people is the theme and approach, but when you're in the online marketing business there's a standard model of funnel building. The standard model of funnel building is so ingrained that we almost forget that it's not common knowledge.

The standard funnel model is to create a paid ad in Facebook, Google, YouTube, or even in newspapers or TV.

The ad goes to a free offer, like a checklist PDF or other small document. To get the free offer you need to opt-in by giving your email address or signing in with Facebook or Google.

When you've accepted that offer, it then asks you if you'd like something else that's related but gives more detail or actionable information for a small price; usually $7 or $17. Part of that $7 or $17 offer is usually admission to a webinar based masterclass for free. The point of the webinar is to build trust by showing real details about the business you're interested in and showing a full course offering for around $1,000.

Once someone's gone through the full course, they should be able to do whatever the course teaches.

Since most people have trouble with motivation, even just the motivation to go through 10 videos that are around an hour each, there is usually an offer for truly personalized access, consultation, and service that is around the $10,000 mark.

In between these steps, we send automatic reminders to you straight to your inbox, or in your Facebook, or in the ads you see from Google. These reminders are to tell you that you still haven't completed the next step.

This is the standard model because it works. It works so well that marketers know that if it's not working it's because your page is no good, your emails are no good, or your offer is no good.

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