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Seven Figure Companies have trouble taking 'No' for an answer.

'It can't be done' just doesn't sit well with the owners.

When you call into the support line of your shopping cart, or your sms texting service, or your webinar system, you'll eventually ask for something that the service doesn't surprise.

When you hit this dead end, the service rep will usually tell you in a hushed and secret tone... you can tell that they just looked over each shoulder before telling you... that maybe... you can find someone to program what you're asking for using... THE API... ***DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN***

Unfortunately, they're not always right, and the reason is because support reps never get trained in what's possible using their API.

Even worse, once you do master the art of using an API, you actually have to lie to the support reps when you're reporting a bug in their system (outside the API). You MUST leave out the fact that you are using the API because if you even passively mention it, you will be promptly shooed off the phone with a, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that we don't offer support for the API," even if your problem has nothing to do with the API.

It's a simple cop-out that's frustrating to deal with, and with all of these headaches you'd have to wonder why people work with the API.

The answer is, simply, IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Look at it this way: Let's think about your shopping cart CRM service.

They have every order, every contact, every customer, and so much info about every one of them.

Now imagine what you could do if you or your customer service team didn't have to log into your account to find that information. Or, your developers could grab that data out of your account and you could see a dashboard with the EXACT info you want to see to track your promotions?

Imagine if every time someone bought one of your ebooks you could automatically register them for a webinar.

Imagine if you could get a done-for-you bit of programming done that could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year and you forget it's even part of your business because there's no monthly fee or usage fee.

That's what API integrations are all about.

If you shop around though, you'll find out that they don't come cheap. There are five reasons for this:

  1. You actually need the sort of computer science skills they don't usually teach even in college diploma programs, but teach in all degree programs.
  2. Every API is different, and your information requests and updates have to be perfect.
  3. Every time you start working with a different API the dev has to read through a lot of documentation, and the customer support (if there is any) takes forever to respond.
  4. API work is one of the few parts of programming where online communities won't help you for free.
  5. API developers know what it's worth and they know how many hours step 3 takes, so they price that in to make sure it's not cost effective for your regular developer to learn how.
  6. Recognizing that there's money to be made in these, services like Zapier offer API integrations, but:

    • They charge you based on usage that balloons with your success - with us, you buy it and it's yours to use.
    • They can only integrate with the big players, and you may have a longstanding relationship with a service that will never be added to Zapier because it's too small.
    • Zapier doesn't have any 'special access' to APIs that we don't.* We have the same access to data that they do
    • Our scripts don't affect your Zapier account in any way.

    *March 2018 EXCLUSIVE Note: According to ClickFunnels' Head of Development Ryan Montgomery, ClickFunnels integrates with Zapier using a non-public API. Dan Fradenburgh discussed this with him privately, and after finding out that the main concern is security he suggested to Ryan that they create a read-only API. He was interested in the idea, but no official announcements were made by ClickFunnels as far as timeline or adding it to the development calendar. We'll keep pushing ClickFunnels for status information on this and post updates here, add instructions in our FunnelFixerTM API trainings, and in subsequent blog posts.

    List of API Integrations We Already Have:

    • Facebook - Full App Permissions and Sign-up / Log in with Facebook
    • Google - Sign-up / Log in with Google
    • Gotowebinar / Gotomeeting - Full range of its API capabilities
    • Infusionsoft - For just about anything, read and write
    • 1ShoppingCart and private labels - Full range of its capabilities - Inquire for details
    • Ontraport - Full range of its API capabilities
    • Ongage - Full range of its API capabilites
    • Eztexting - Full range of its API capabilities
    • Interspire - Full range of its API capabilities
    • WebinarJam / Everwebinar - Full range of its API capabilities plus workarounds to extend beyond them
    • Wishlist Member - Full range of its API capabilities
    • AWeber - Full range of its API capabilities