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Your boss is screwing you every hour of your life...

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    You should do what I did. I stole my boss' clients. I did THE SAME JOB but charged my boss' customers instead of getting a sub-living wage from my boss.

    I'm going to help you, and I'm going to help you FOR FREE. See, you probably know people make money doing what you do privately as a freelancer.

    So what separates you and then? A website. You can make a website for free so I'm not going to help you with that.

    See, you'll make a free website BUT YOUR WEBSITE WILL SUCK.

    So, for FREE, in return for an address to send it, I'm going to send you the checklist that all of my employees and the seven figure companies I help use to make sure our landing pages don't suck.

    AFTER that, I'm going to offer you THE EXACT WAY that I became a successful freelancer by sticking it to my boss, and WITHOUT getting sued.

    I mean.... I spent at least six wasted months deciding on if I should go ahead and help the grateful customers or stay loyal to my ungrateful boss and company.

    I can't get those months back, but maybe you've been wasting YEARS deciding whether to do what's best for yourself and your family, or to keep up in your crappy tech job.

    BUT WHY DID I WAIT? Because I didn't know how. I didn't have any help. Now, you don't have that excuse.

    I'm helping you, and I'm doing it for free.

    TAKE THE NEXT STEP. Get that checklist so you can launch your site, have it NOT SUCK, and have a place to send your new clients every day WHILE YOU STILL WORK AT YOUR JOB.

    Here's the obligatory fine print, even though this is on a free offer. All marketers are required by law to make what's called an 'income disclaimer'. That's what this is. Any type of business will fail if you put no time or effort into it, and I'm just like anyone else in that I can't force you to do the work, like actually calling your clients, billing them and so on. I put in the work to do that myself, and so I've now made more money as a developer and funnel consultant than I have from when I started my first job at 14 to the day I quit my Tech Support job at age 31. That's atypical, so I'm legally required to say so. It's kind of mindblowing that I have to put this here even though the offer on this page is FREE, but the law doesn't have to make sense. Anyways, if you do what I say you will definitely risk your time, and there are costs involved in starting and expanding your business. I'm not a lawyer or a financial consultant, and only those licensed to be in the professions should be consulted for legal or financial advice. Whatever that means.

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