June 29, 2020


So you want to scale your business, and you got a shopping cart and/or emailer but you keep hearing about deliverability problems.

Nobody seems to understand it, and you're seeing people get blocked.

Is it the copy? Is it the server?

There are more questions than answers, and real estate companies and digital marketers just can't shake the feeling that you're leaving hundreds of thousands, millions or more at the table because of email issues.

But before I sell you on it...

Here's the truth that developers and IT people won't tell you...

Email deliverability rules change all the time. It changes just often enough to make anyone who wants to explain how it works look like an idiot.

It has to do with the old stuff like using spammy keywords (which you can fix with spam checker sites for free), and it can be because you say F*R*E*E instead of 'FREE'.

But it also has to do with things you wouldn't guess, like what percent of your total broadcast recipients go to one particular service like google, or verizon.

The key to deliverability ACTUALLY lies in being a total nerd... or hiring one.

...Because last year's news is last year's news.

So, I went to our director of our email maintenance team and got our best people...

I said, "Hey, I've got more people who are hitting a wall before that million emails per month threshold that gets you to the two and five million emails a month and up."

"I go to you guys because you read these industry updates like it's playboy magazine. What do I have to invest to take to these clients who want to beat the deliverability of these shared shopping cart and email servers if they don't already have a full team like you?"

And I'm happy to announce...

That was long enough ago that we're open for business.

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