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All programming runs on your computer without contacting our server, so you can even disconnect from the internet now, and this will still work.
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Think of a quote or a line from a song or movie, and turn it into an acronym:
(Example: Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape -> GYSPOMYDDA)

Refer to the revised version of your acronym and notice the letter substitutions for numbers that look similar, then re-enter your acronym using which letters should be converted to numbers:

Enter a word or two that will help you remember the acronym, but will still be difficult for others to guess:
(Example: Charlton [the actor who said 'Get your stinking...'])

Choose a pattern for the uppercase and lowercase:
(All caps, all lower, and alternating are too easy to crack)


Choose a number with at least two digits:
(NOT the birthday of anyone you know or your anniversary)

Enter a hint that will help you remember the number, but will still be difficult
for others to guess:
(Example: Basketball [If your favorite player was Michael Jordan and he's number 23])

Choose a pattern for the numbers to be placed:
(Only at the beginning or end is too easy to crack)

Split between beginning and end
Middle of word
Beginning, middle, and end
Beginning, and middle
Middle, and end

Check the boxes below the numbers that you want to use as special characters:
(In your final password, you will hold the shift key while hitting these numbers)
It's better if you leave some of these numbers as numbers

Numbers from your password:

Your chosen number: