Even My Spokespeople Got Spokespeople

Since our businesses are our babies, we want to be the face of our business.

Especially now that people don't trust big corporations, showing your humanity can go a long way in gaining the trust of the people who visit your online storefront or landing page.

For the vast majority of entrepreneurs I'd recommend that you:
Give your copy writing to a professional
Keep your time on camera to a minimum
Make sure your copy writer prepares everything for you to say on camera
Keep the jokes to a minimum

Most advertising companies encourage business owners to be in their own ads because it's cheaper for the owner and through ego stroking and denial it convinces the owner to keep spending on ineffective ads that make them a laughingstock.

In other words, don't take the bait.

That may have been a bit harsh, because... Yeah... Some people are smart and funny and good-looking and charismatic. But... Even lawyers don't self represent in court because they know they're more likely to mess up their representation than some other attorney.

I'd recommend relying on stock photos or other personalities in your ads, but it's perfectly fine to include yourself if you have a stylist and your marketing copywriter scripts it out.

Again, this is coming off harsh, but you might think you are a great copy writer, you're funny or at least you have your moments, looks aren't everything, have a great sense of style and decoration... But...

If they don't then you don't either unless you're some sort of freak.

In other words, when marketing your business, take the one thing you're great at and leave the rest to the people who are great at those things.

We don't get to keep anything in this life, and just like how bringing in an investor like Mark Cuban means the choice of making 100% of almost nothing or 45 or 10% of something huge, add people to your team who are better than you at these things and get more sales, and more revenue.

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