Shopping Carts and Receiving Payments Online

What’s a shopping cart? How do you sell online?

Do you have an idea for an online business?


The first thing you should be thinking about is:

How you will get paid!

To do that, you must have a way to securely accept payments.
No one will buy from you unless they feel safe punching in their credit card number, and you don’t want to work yourself into a corner before getting to this step. As a balance of versatility, reliability and no transaction fees, recommend, which offers the classic 1ShoppingCart software with no transaction fees, for emailing and selling your products.


Did you know?

It is sometimes easier to get people to buy your products than to opt-into your mailing list!






To have a successful online presence, you should be thinking long term.  With CAN-SPAM legislation you will have substantial difficulty taking your hard earned customer and contact list from one company to another.



As soon as you can, go with an integrated shopping cart and emailing solution.



Did you know?

Repeat customers cost as little as 1/6 the promotional expense as getting brand new customers to come and buy!


You can affordably get your website, shopping cart checkout, and emailing systems in a single service!  No more extra passwords to remember!




I need to put in a domain name when I sign up for a shopping cart and I’m afraid of making a mistake.



You should also consider the 1AutomationWiz account, which is an old style-1SC account if you don’t want to keep your site in the same account as your shopping cart. If you will choose your domain name, best practices for search engine optimization change all the time and setting up a consultation is your best bet, but read the next article in the tour for some detailed advice on how to choose your domain name.

Three systems I recommend most:
All of these have free trials or money-back guarantees

Click here to get a cart, mass emailer, and website hosting and store with pre-made templates together (Get a new 1ShoppingCart account)

Click here to get a classic 1ShoppingCart account with no transaction fees or store


OfficeAutopilot is another great system with the ability to automatically sort your contacts based on their submission answers.

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